Working with webhooks



You can setup a webhook endpoint from Rasayel's API management page.

Webhooks provide you a way of receiving notifications in your own systems about events that happen in Rasayel, like new conversations, messages etc.

How it works


When one of the events you are subscribed to gets triggered Rasayel will make a HTTP POST request to the endpoint you specified.

Testing locally


If you don't have a production endpoint to test your webhooks with, there are a few tools out there that can help you test webhooks locally.

# is a very simple webhook testing tool. It will allow you to send webhooks to it and inspect the payload.

Note: With you will not be able to use the data beyond inspecting it.



Ngrok is a local tunnelling service that allows you to point production traffic at your local server. This is excellent for testing things like webhooks.

To use Ngrok, simply type the following command:




Localtunnel is an open-source version of Ngrok. It behaves in the exact same manner, but has a much more generous free tier.