Rasayel GraphQL Playground

Welcome to the Rasayel GraphQL Playground! This interactive space allows you to explore and experiment with the Rasayel GraphQL API. You can test out any request that you might potentially make from your application right here.

To authenticate with the server, simply head over to the API Management tab and grab your app's API key. Copy the Basic Auth value and you're good to go!

Then paste it into the predefined `Authorization` header field in the playground.

Please note that some of our APIs require you to identify the user for whom the action should be taken. To do this, add the X-On-Behalf-Of header and provide it with the teammate ID representing the user performing the action. You can read more about this process here .

Dive into the playground


With everything set up, you're now ready to explore the Rasayel GraphQL API Playground !

Keep in mind that this is a live environment, perfect for experimenting with the Rasayel GraphQL API. Feel free to make requests, explore the various queries and mutations available, and get familiar with the features documented on this site.

So, go ahead and dive in! Discover the different types, queries, and mutations available in the Rasayel GraphQL API and start building amazing integrations.