Explore All Conversations with GraphQL

Introduction to Conversation Type


To understand the available fields and options when working with conversations, refer to the Conversation Type . This will provide you with a comprehensive list of fields that can be retrieved for each conversation node.

Querying Conversations


To list all the conversations in your app, you can use the query below. This example focuses on extracting the id from each conversation, but you can use any field described in the Conversation Type, as linked above.


What Can You Do with This Query?


By using this GraphQL query, you can explore all the conversations in your app, making it easier to manage and analyze your communication. You can customize the query to retrieve additional information by modifying the fields according to your needs. This allows you to get the most relevant data to better understand and engage with your customers or team members.



This guide demonstrates how to use a GraphQL query to explore all conversations in your app. It covers the basics of using the Conversation Type, creating the query, and customizing it to retrieve the desired information. By mastering these concepts, you'll be able to manage and analyze your conversations effectively, leading to better customer engagement and team collaboration.