Working with a GraphQL API

Welcome to Rasayel's public API, which is built with GraphQL. Just like the public API, the Rasayel Inbox app also uses a similar API with inbox-specific features.

If you're new to GraphQL, we recommend checking out the official GraphQL learning docs as a starting point. Apollo also offers great resources and tools to help you work with GraphQL APIs.





To authenticate your client, you'll need to create API keys from Rasayel's API management page. These API keys provide a value for the Authorization header, which you should configure with your chosen GraphQL client or HTTP request.

Some keys can be created as "read-only" (supporting queries), while others can be created as "read-write" (supporting both queries and mutations). Make sure you use the correct key access before using the API.

Getting Started


Once you have your API key and a GraphQL client that can introspect the schema, you're ready to start using the available queries and mutations.

Here are a few popular clients you can use:



To get started, you can start by listing the last 10 conversations in your workspace:



Now that you've successfully fetched a few conversations, let's try replying to one of them. Just make sure to change the conversationId value to match one of the conversations returned earlier.